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About the Server

BlueCircuit was started by m1ck3y_t and then started messaging people on YouTube to get them involved. At this time, we have 13 members.

Server Rules

1. No abusive behavior towards anyone.

2. Let people know if your recording or streaming.
3. No swearing in game chat. Ever!
4. No stealing from other players, if you borrow something replace before they come back on, Leave a sign!
5. Pranking is encourage, but must be recorded. And must not contain anything that can damage their builds. If you've been pranked record your reaction...
6. This is a community server, don't be a jerk.
7. No griefing / raiding.
8. Any idea's, suggestions or issues. message Mike.
9. Colabs are encouraged, if the other player doesn't swear in there video, try to respect that!
10. Before building in a public area, ask around if anyone already has plans for that area.